Welcome to Our New Website


Starry Night Prom’s Board of Directors, from left to right: Nikki Mohamed-Fawzy, Vice-President of Donations; Cindy Miller, Vice-President; Sara Mayo, President.

(Photo credit: Amber Inman Photography, April 25, 2018)

The Board of Directors for the Starry Night Prom is proud to announce the launch of its permanent website here on WordPress. We are certain that this website will make it much easier for our attendees, chaperones, volunteers, donors, and sponsors to stay informed about Starry Night Prom.

Due to the amazing success of Starry Night Prom 2018, we will be utilizing the online registration forms from now on. This site will be our central point of all communication, complete with email access, photography links, sponsor/donor shout-outs, AND our own official blog site rather than having to link to private blogs via our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Once we establish a new donation site, we will have access to that link through this page, too.

Isn’t this exciting? One-stop shopping for our “little prom that could” and JUST IN TIME for the 2019 Starry Night Prom!

Thank you so much for your continued support of Starry Night Prom.



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